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New Jersey Criminal Lawyer

Marijuana Possession Downgraded to Ordinance

03 July, 2017
By admin

Our Union County marijuana lawyers recently defended a young man who was arrested for marijuana possession after school officials searched a locker which contained our client’s property and found marijuana inside. Our client was a high school student but was

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Gun Charges Receives Pre-Trial Intervention

19 June, 2017
By admin

Our weapons defense attorneys recently represented a client who was charged with possession of a defaced firearm under 2C:39-3d. The charges stemmed from a search of our client’s house after they were called to the residence for earlier issue. Based

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Marijuana Charges Dismissed for Failure to Prosecute

11 June, 2017
By admin
Westfield NJ marijuana lawyer

Our marijuana defense attorneys recently defended a client who had been charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia after cops showing up to their room because someone in the building called after smelling marijuana smoke in the hallway. A

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2nd Degree Drug Distribution Gets Pre-Trial Intervention after Denial

25 May, 2017
By admin
Union NJ Marijuana Distribution Lawyer

Our drug defense attorneys recently handled a case for a client who had been charged with several distribution charges related to a large amount of marijuana that was seized by police during a search warrant raid of his house including

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