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Facing Theft Charges in Clark NJ

December 24, 2020

Best Defense for Clark NJ Theft Charges

Have you been charged with a theft crime in Clark, New Jersey? If so, you need a zealous defense representative with the know-how and practical experience to best resolve your case. The town of Clark is a tightly knit community. However, Clark sees its fair share of crimes just like everywhere else in New Jersey. In fact, in 2018, this location was believed to have a higher crime rate than 24% of other cities or towns throughout the United States. Clark has a reportedly higher crime rate than such nearby towns as Garwood, Cranford, Westfield, Roselle Park, and Scotch Plains but has a lower crime rate than its larger counterparts Linden, Roselle, and Rahway. Theft crimes contribute to this percentage as this category of criminal offenses encompasses various types of conduct. In fact, the extent to which property crimes contribute to the overall crime rate has risen in the last several years. Theft crimes under Title 2C chapter 20 can be filed as disorderly persons offenses or indictable crimes. The subsections of theft found in this area of New Jersey law designate punishment consistent with the degree of the crime and level of culpability, which is often tied to the value of the property involved. Despite the variability among distinct types of theft, all of these charges center on the deprivation or receipt of another’s property at the hands of the defendant with intent and without authorization.

Skilled Lawyers Defending Clients Charged with Theft Offenses in Clark Township NJ

If you are facing theft accusations in Clark Township, learn more about the particular type of theft crime that applicable to your case, the consequences of a conviction based on the grading of the offense, and more details about how theft charges are handled in Clark and Union County courts. To get answers and advice from a knowledgeable Clark theft defense lawyer who is familiar with all manner of theft charges and the nuances of these cases, call our local criminal law office at (908)-838-0150. A member of our team is available to assist you immediately and the consultation is provided at no cost.

Clark NJ Theft Crimes

All acts involving theft that are considered criminal in nature are delineated in Title 2C. This section of law clearly sets forth what conduct is a crime, what must be proven to be found guilty of the crime, and what punishment can be allotted for the commission of the crimes. Theft crimes found in Chapter 20 of this title include offenses often committed on smaller scales, such as shoplifting to those committed on larger scales, such as computer crimes or dealing in stolen merchandise.

Below is a list of theft-related crimes and examples found in the penal code:

The above is by no means an exhaustive list of theft-related offenses. There are others that are closely related to theft offenses and set forth under other sections of the criminal code. For example, theft of credit cards, identity theft, withdrawal of bank funds, forgery, bad check charges, burglary, and robbery are all variations of theft in some manner or another.

Levels of Theft Charges & Consequences in Clark NJ

As with any crime, there are potential penalties that may be exacted upon those found guilty. The punishment depends on the degree of the charge. In theft cases generally, the degree of offense depends on the amount alleged to have been stolen. Notable exceptions include extortion, computer crimes, robbery, burglary, and several others. For the most part, thefts are charged as:

Upon a finding of guilt for a misdemeanor (disorderly persons offense) theft in Clark, the judge has the option of sending you to jail for 6 months and can order you to pay a fine of $1,000 on top of restitution payments.

For indictable theft crimes heard in the Union County Superior Court, Criminal Division, sentencing ranges are as follows:

Aside from the above penalties, you could be ordered to pay back the amount that was lost by the alleged victim. This is known as restitution. In addition to the fines and restitution, the law allows for victims, such as store owners and bank account holders, to go after you in civil court.

Where is Court Handled for a Theft Charge in Clark Township?

Court proceedings for theft crimes are distinguished by indictable offenses heard in Union County Superior Court, or disorderly persons charges, handled in Clark Municipal Court, which is located in the town at 315 Westfield Avenue. In Superior or Municipal Court, you will have a first appearance and will be notified of the charges. Thereafter, the court may require your appearance several more times before the matter is resolved or tried. Sometimes, you can resolve your case by way of agreement. Other times, your eligibility for a program like conditional dismissal or Pre-Trial Intervention provides an avenue toward dismissal. Still more, some theft cases have critical issues and vulnerabilities on the prosecution’s side, which can be aggressively litigated to get the charges dismissed.

Look for Experience in a Clark NJ Theft Lawyer

If you have been charged with theft of any kind in Clark, NJ, hire an attorney that knows the area, understands the courts, and equally important, is dedicated to protecting your rights and interest throughout the process. The attorneys at our Union County criminal law firm are available to offer you more tailored information by calling our office at (908)-838-0150. Consulting with us about your particular theft case is free so please call today if you are looking for legal counsel.

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