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Linden NJ Shoplifting Attorney
15 January, 2015
By admin

Our criminal defense lawyers defend clients who have been charged with Shoplifting and related offenses in Linden, New Jersey. Shoplifting offenses are serious and can result in incarceration, restitution and a permanent criminal record. The degree of the shoplifting crime is directly dependent on the value of merchandise allegedly stolen. If the amount of merchandise is under $200 then it is considered a disorderly persons offense and the case will be handled in Linden Municipal Court. If the merchandise is over $200 then it is indictable crime and the case will be handled in Union County Superior Court. Moreover, shoplifting offenses are considered crimes involving moral turpitude “CIMTs” which can lead to deportation for non-citizens.

The general public has a major misconception that you have to walk out of the retail store with unpaid merchandise to be arrested for shoplifting. In fact, a large amount of our clients who are arrested for shoplifting, never actually step foot outside the door. This is because the statute only requires that you pass the last cashier stations without paying for merchandise. Shoplifting cases are often riddled with complicated legal issues with various proofs from the police, security officers and video surveillance. Our attorneys will challenge the State’s case against you and work with prosecution in furtherance of a downgrade or dismissal. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you or your loved, then contact our office today for a free consultation.

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