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Our Law Firm Has Successfully Handled Thousands of Criminal, DWI, and Municipal Court Charges Throughout Union County and New Jersey

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Theft and Fraud Crimes

Elizabeth NJ Theft Lawyer

At Proetta & Oliver, our New Jersey criminal defense firm represents clients charged with various crimes involving fraud and theft. A conviction for stealing or committing fraudulent transaction can expose you to significant penalties which includes prison time, probation, community service and thousands in restitution. Moreover, fraud and theft crimes are considered Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude (“CIMT”) which means a conviction can significantly impact your job opportunities because employers consider a poor reflection on your moral character. A conviction for a CIMT will also result serve consequences on your immigration status, including deportation, if you are not a U.S. Citizen. Our law firm can help you avoid incarceration and even a criminal conviction in many cases. We are commonly able to work with the prosecutor to negotiate an alternative resolution to avoid a conviction, by downgrading the charge to a municipal ordinance, negotiating a dismissal, or securing our client’s admittance into Pre-Trial Intervention. We defend clients against a wide range of theft and fraud charges in both Superior Court and Municipal Court, including the following:

If you have been accused of any of the fraud or theft offenses listed above, it is important that you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney with a background in financial and property crimes. At the Proetta & Oliver, our lawyers have successfully handled thousands cases, many involving theft and fraud, throughout New Jersey Superior Courts and Municipal Courts. Our firm will work analyze the elements of the state’s case against you and make it our priority to keep you well-informed throughout the process so you can be involved in all the decision making regarding the defense options.

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At Proetta & Oliver we have extensive experience regarding theft and fraud crimes and know how the court system works. Call us today at (908) 838-0150 to speak with an experienced theft lawyer for a free initial consultation about the facts and circumstances of your case. We will take our time to start at the beginning of the allegations and carefully move one step at a time to address all your concerns. We are available 24/7.