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Theft of Movable Property 2C:20-3

Union County Theft of Movable Property Lawyer

Theft of Movable Property Attorney in Elizabeth, New Jersey

Theft of movable property – commonly just referred to as theft – is one of the most prevalent criminal charges in New   Jersey. If convicted of theft you could face penalties which include incarceration, probation, thousands in restitution and fines, and a permanent criminal record. As founding attorney, Will Proetta has successfully handled thousands of criminal and municipal court charges including theft cases. Our firm will analyze the State’s evidence a work with the prosecutor toward a downgrade, remand or your admittance into Pre-Trial Intervention where the charges will be dismissed upon completion. We represent clients throughout New Jersey including Linden, Cranford, Plainfield, Elizabeth, Springfield, Rahway, and Westfield. If you would like to speak with an experienced theft criminal attorney then contact our office, conveniently located in Cranford, for a free consultation at (908) 838-0150.

2C:20-3 New Jersey Theft of Movable Property Law

The New Jersey statute for theft of movable property is listed below, in pertinent part, for your convenience.

§ 2C:20-3. Theft of Movable Property

Movable property. A person is guilty of theft if he unlawfully takes, or exercises unlawful control over, movable property of another with purpose to deprive him thereof.

What is the Punishment for Theft of Movable Property?

In New Jersey, a crime of theft of movable property is graded by the amount of merchandise or property allegedly stolen. A grading chart has been provided below.

Second Degree Theft $75,000.00 or more   punishable by five 5 – 10 years in prison
Third Degree Theft Value between $500.00 – $75,000   punishable by three 3 – 5 years in state prison
Fourth Degree Theft Value between $200.00 – $500.00   punishable by up to 18 months in state prison
Disorderly Persons Offense Theft Value less than $200.00   punishable by up to 6 months in the county jail

Theft of Movable Property Lawyer in Scotch Plains, New Jersey

Theft crimes can often be riddled with complicated legal issues that must be litigated and argued before the court. Having the experience of a season criminal defense lawyer on your side is immeasurable when it comes to defending your legal interests in a court of law. If you or a loved one has been charged with theft of movable property or any related criminal offenses then contact our office at (908) 838-0150 for a free initial consultation with an experienced theft defense lawyer.

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