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Arrested at Newark Airport
14 May, 2014
By admin

Port Authority Police recently arrested two men at Newark Liberty International Airport, after TSA agents alerted police that they tried to smuggle fake driver’s licenses and stolen credit cards in their luggage.

The items were originally discovered by TSA agents hidden beneath a shoe in a checked bag, when they searched the bag because it triggered an alarm after being tested for explosives. The search did not produce any explosives but the screeners did find 13 New Jersey driver’s licenses and 11 licenses from Connecticut, which were in various names and assumed to be fraudulent. TSA then matched the bag to its owner and flight, and contacted Port Authority Police, who went to the boarding gate and arrested the two men, who were traveling together. Both defendants were charged with credit card theft, forgery and possession of criminal simulated documents, according to reports. Upon a search incident to arrest, police also found seized over $17,000 in cash that the men were carrying.

The most bizarre twist of the whole incident was the men were only taking an hour plane ride from Newark to Philadelphia. Instead of taking the 90 minute drive they risked everything for the convenience of a plane ride. Now they presumably face indictable charges in the Superior Court where they will be exposed to state prison incarceration.

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