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New Jersey Criminal Lawyer

Former Mets Player Charged with Drug Possession after Linden Arrest

11 July, 2018
By Samantha Tormey
Drug Possession Defense Attorney in Linden NJ

Arrested for drugs in Linden, New Jersey? Call our Linden drug possession attorneys at (908) 838-0150 for a free consultation about your case. Charges for possession of CDS can happen to anyone. Recently, ex-Mets player Lenny Dykstra was arrested outside

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How Does the State Prove Intent to Distribute Drugs in NJ?

04 July, 2018
By Samantha Tormey
Intent to Distribute Drugs Defense Union NJ

In New Jersey, if you are charged with a drug crime for intent to distribute, you are facing charges for an indictable offense, which has significant penalties if you are found guilty. Depending on the CDS (controlled dangerous substance) involved

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Charges for Allowing a DWI in NJ

28 June, 2018
By Samantha Tormey
Allowing DWI Charges in NJ

New Jersey takes driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol and drugs very seriously—so much so that it even imposes criminal liability on others who allow a person to drive while intoxicated under certain circumstances. If this comes as a

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What You Need to Know about Child Abuse Allegations in New Jersey

20 June, 2018
By Samantha Tormey
Child Abuse Defense in Union County NJ

When threatened with allegations of child abuse in New Jersey, you know the potential consequences can be significant, but you may not know where to turn for answers. Our attorneys represent individuals who are accused of child abuse, counsel them

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